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The Year Ahead.

A young client recently said to me, "what's your big future plan for LGMH?"

I was pleasantly caught off guard and I didn't really know how to respond.

I asked him if he had any ideas, to which he said, "no, I think you're doing a pretty good job."

I appreciated this feedback of course, but I didn't let this conversation fizzle out in my mind.

The truth is, I have loads of ideas. My husband can verify this, and they're just the ideas that I share. My ideas come and go and some stick. LGMH is still in its infancy and I feel happy to be exactly where I am right now. I love what I have created. But his question did get me thinking again.

When providing such an important service to the local community, there is a responsibility to see the trends, demands and gaps, and respond accordingly. Additionally, as a health care provider, I am required to remain current in my practice which means furthering my education and taking opportunities to upskill. Choosing to stay stagnant and avoiding change is not an option for me. Aside from feeling bored, this would be a huge disservice to those who trust in who I am and what I do.

With this in mind, where would I like to steer LGMH in the future?

Over the next twelve months, I plan to work on the following:

  1. Complete training in providing positive behaviour support

  2. Complete EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques] training

  3. Provide more small group therapy sessions for adolescents / young adults [in person and online]

  4. Start providing small group therapy sessions for parents and carers of adolescents / young adults [in person and online]

  5. Start providing CCSW's [Collaborative Care Skill Workshop's] for parents/carers of a person with an eating disorder

  6. Complete Clinical Supervision training to provide a space for professional support, reflection and education of other clinicians in my field who want to further their own professional development

What won't change?

  1. Everything that I'm already doing!

I'm really excited to get started, however before I do, I'd love to invite anyone and everyone who has any interest or investment in LGMH, to come forward with their thoughts and ideas. I truly enjoy receiving feedback, whether it be positive, neutral or negative, as it gives me the opportunity to reflect and grow in my practice. If you have any thoughts about what LGMH is doing well, or what you might like to see change, I encourage you to reach out. I want to hear from you [and you can do this anonymously too if you'd prefer!].

I'll be sure to update you on how I'm tracking with my plans, and big thanks to the young man who asked me a big question.

Until next time,


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