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Hello & Welcome!

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My name is Louise.


Most people call me Lou and you're welcome to call me that too.


I reside in the beautiful regional Victorian town of Ballarat.

In my spare time you'll find me running around with a couple of munchkins and a big fluff-ball retriever.

I like to bake, (try to) grow things in my veggie garden, and I love to go to live music and sporting events (go Saints!).

I'm a fierce Mario-Kart competitor, I can speak the language of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,

and I'm a proud, productive, passionate ADHDer.

Also, I am a

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse [ACMHN] and

Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician [ANZAED]

What is a CMHN you ask? 

Well, imagine a mental health clinician with super-powers!

A CMHN can do a lot of things that you probably didn't realise, including therapy and counselling.

And what is a Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician? 

A mental health clinician with super-powers who has also demonstrated qualifications and training requirements
for the provision of eating disorder treatment.

I have 15 years of experience providing care and treatment to people of all ages who are experiencing mental health difficulties,

and for the last 5 years I have been working exclusively in youth mental health.

I am passionate about early intervention, education, and supporting people when they are feeling most vulnerable.

My approach to mental health is integrative, creative, family inclusive, 

and I am committed to person-centered care that is flexible and always evolving.

My areas of expertise and special interest include:

 Youth and young adult health + wellbeing [10yo+]

Eating Disorders + Body Dysmorphia


Chronic pain conditions and illnesses

Anxiety Disorders [including OCD, phobias and health anxiety]

Adjustment to life changes + life transitions

Counselling, coaching + skill-building for parents/carers

I am trained in the following:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT]

CBT-E [Enhanced for eating disorders]

Family Based Treatment [FBT - for Anorexia Nervosa]

Specialist Supportive Clinical Management [SSCM]

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT]

Motivational Interviewing

DBT skills

Collaborative Carer Skills Workshop Facilitator [CCSW]

Some of the things that I can do include:

Comprehensive biopsychosocial mental health assessments

Individual and family inclusive therapy and counselling

Provide a trauma-informed approach to care

Care coordination, linkage and planning

Provide education and support with physical health monitoring

Initiate supportive interventions for emotional, physical and social wellbeing

Provide short term intervention while you are wait-listed to connect with another specialist

Coaching and counselling for parents/carers of a person with mental illness

Private consulting as an external health provider

I also provide things that you cannot get a fancy piece of paper for.

Kindness, empathy, hope, authenticity and humour.

I wholeheartedly embrace diversity, and I come without judgement or assumptions.

I provide a safe space for all.

I welcome everyone, irrespective of culture, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity, disability,

physical ailments, lifestyle choices, the AFL/AFLW team that you follow, and anything else I have failed to mention.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



Skills & Supports
  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Individual + Family Inclusive Therapy + Counselling

  • Education

  • Care Planning + Coordination

  • Linkage + Liaison

  • Physical Health Management

  • Psycho-social Support

  • Brief Intervention [eg. if you're wait-listed for another specialist]


Ask me about...

Coaching, counselling and skill-building for parents + carers

[who care for a young person with mental illness]

Therapeutic Modalities
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT]

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Enhanced [CBT-E]

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT]

  • Family Based Treatment [FBT]

  • Specialist Supportive Clinical Management [SSCM]

  • Distress Tolerance Skills

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Non-directive, narrative approach

  • Brief counselling intervention

  • Collaborative Carer Skills [CCSW]

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How could that benefit you?
  • Instill hope

  • Build resilience - learn to manage life's curve-balls

  • Develop distress tolerance with coping skills + strategies

  • Build confidence to know when + how to ask for help

  • Improve your functioning

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Recognise + embrace your strengths

  • Improve self care + general wellness 

  • Self discovery + self awareness

  • Allow you to share, explore, learn + grow in a safe space

  • Achieve YOUR recovery goals

  • And so much more!

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Referral Pathways


Discovery Call

  • Obligation free 15-minute phone or video call [your choice] - no fee

  • This gives you the opportunity to ask me questions and see if you feel that I am a good fit for you


Self Referred

  • Self referrals are welcomed

  • A GP referral is not required​​

  • In person - Ballarat | Horsham

  • Telehealth - Phone | Video Call


NDIS Participants

  • Self or plan managed

  • Item Number 15_056_0128_1_3

  • Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training - Other Professional


GP Referral

  • MBS Item 10956

  • Chronic Disease Management Plan

  • x5 sessions with $58.30 rebate per session

  • Referral to be provided prior to your first appointment [can be sent via email]


I cannot offer Medicare rebates with the

Better Access Initiative

[Mental Health Care Plans / Eating Disorder Plans].

You are still welcome however to choose my service as a private paying client.



Private Consulting

  • Yes! I can provide consulting and mental health services as an external health provider

  • I can also provide secondary consultation and mentoring

  • Enquiries are welcome, please contact me to discuss


Lou likes questions and encourages you to ask them!

If the answer you are seeking is not here, please let us know.


Why does Lou have two surnames?

Lou is in the process of changing her surname and will soon be Louise Grunwaldt.  

She is currently registered with AHPRA, ACMHN, ANZAED and Medicare as Louise Heap.

What is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse [CMHN]?

A CMHN is a specialist nurse who has been through a rigorous process to demonstrate extensive training and experience in the area of mental health. This requires provision of evidence to meet criteria in relation to registration, education, practice experience, professional development, clinical supervision and professional integrity.

What are the benefits of seeing Lou instead of another mental health professional?

Different disciplines undertake different training and so there will be variation in skills, knowledge, experience, and therefore the focus of treatment.

It is important that you choose the right fit for your needs.

There are a number of benefits that Lou can offer as a CMHN, which include:​

  • A good understanding of the whole body, all of its systems and how they interact.

  • Extensive knowledge of additional treatment options [eg. medication, ECT, TMS] 

  • Extensive experience across many different specialty areas of mental health.

  • Confidence in varying levels of acuity, assessment and support with risk concerns.

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of diagnoses - mental and physical.

  • Nursing at its core is a holistic, caring and compassionate profession, and that is something that certainly resonates with and is reflected in Lou's work.

What are Lou's qualifications?

  • Bachelor of Nursing [Australian Catholic University]

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing [RMIT University]

  • Credentialed Mental Health Nurse [ACMHN]

  • Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician [ANZAED]

How do I check that Lou is registered? [*Registered as Louise Heap]

  • AHPRA #NMW0001090651

  • ACMHN #2654

Does Lou have a Working With Children Check?

Absolutely and she is happy to provide evidence of this to you.

Registered as Louise Heap #1183819A-02.

Do I need a referral to see Lou?

No, you do not. 

However, if you wish to see Lou under a Chronic Disease Management Plan to receive a Medicare rebate, you will require a referral from your GP using Item Number 10956.

Does Lou accept Mental Health Treatment Plans or Eating Disorder Plans?

You may choose to see Lou if you have a Mental Health or Eating Disorder Care Plan, however please be aware that at this stage CMHN cannot offer a Medicare Rebate under this scheme.

You should discuss this with your GP first. Lou could also be a good option for brief intervention and support while you are wait-listed to see another clinician with your Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Is there another way I can get a Medicare Rebate?

Yes - you will require a referral from your GP using MBS Item Number 10956 - Chronic Disease Management Plan. This entitles you to x5 sessions in a 12 month period that receive a rebate from Medicare [reduces your overall fee].

Does Lou accept referrals for NDIS participants?

Absolutely - Lou offers recovery focused mental health support to self or plan managed participants.

Does Lou have a waitlist?

No. Wait-lists can be harmful as they delay someone receiving the support and treatment that they need now. If Lou does not have capacity to take you on as a client she will make recommendations for you to consider other qualified clinicians in the region.

How will I know that we are a good match?

Seeing the right person for your mental health is incredibly important and you should certainly explore your options. You might like to make a discovery call appointment with Lou first. There is no fee for this service, it's an obligation free 15 minute phone or video conversation and allows you to see if we're a good fit. 

How do I make an appointment?

You can book via the book appointment link on this website if you are a self-funded / self-referred client. 

If you are an NDIS participant or have been referred by your GP [Chronic Disease Management Plan], please contact Lou directly via phone or email.

What can I expect at my first appointment with you?

The first appointment can be daunting, but you can expect to feel safe and comfortable.

You can also expect:

  • Rapport building - establishing connection and developing mutual trust

  • A little bit of additional information gathering

  • To discuss the reason for you seeking out mental health care

  • ​Establishment of mutual boundaries and expectations​

  • Goal setting and future planning regarding your care

Will LGMH share my information with others?

All personal information is stored using a secure electronic medical record database.


Lou is bound by a professional code of conduct and she is required to maintain client privacy and confidentiality at all times. She will always seek consent from you before sharing your information.

There are exceptions when this does not apply, which Lou will discuss with you in more detail at your initial appointment. This pertains to situations when information has been disclosed where Lou has reason to believe that your safety and/or the safety of others is at risk, or Lou has been subpoenaed by court to provide information.


Lou will always let you know if she feels that information needs to be shared and who that information should be shared with.




P. 0478 254 803


City Centre Arcade

The City Centre Clinic

Level 1 

315 Sturt Street

Ballarat Central VIC 3350

*Stair access only

If you have mobility difficulties, please let Louise know


Uniting Wellbeing Centre

28 Urquhart Street

Horsham Victoria 3400

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  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
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I am unable to provide an emergency service or response.

If you require an urgent response, please call 000 or present to your nearest hospital.

Guidance regarding mental health concerns can also be sought from your LGA Mental Health Triage.

For the Grampians Health region, the number is 1300 247 647 [this is not a substitute for calling emergency service].

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I acknowledge all First Nation people + thank the Traditional Custodians of the land that I live, work and play on,

the Wadawurrung + Dja Dja Wurrung People. 

I would like to pay my respects to their Elders past and present and emerging.


I acknowledge people [and their carers] with lived + living experience of disability, mental ill-health and neurodiversity.

I thank them for educating me, letting me into their lives at a time when they feel most vulnerable + for inviting me to be a part of their recovery.

I respect everyone's right to freely identify + affirm their sexual or romantic orientation + gender identity. 

I wholly support the LGBTQIA+ community.


I have a zero tolerance policy for aggressive behaviour.

I do not accept myself or others being subjected to violent, threatening, intimidating or abusive behaviour of any kind.

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